Thursday, October 29, 2009

By The End of the Year 2008: Finishing the Program 2007-2008

Our Grateful, better last than never

By the end of year 2008, at November 13th 2008 precisely, The Javan Slow Loris-Conservation Program (TJSL-CP) got back to the field to continued the program in three last villages (five villages totally) in Tasikmalaya regency, those are Sarimanggu-Karangnunggal, Raksajaya-Sodonghilir and Sukamaju-Bantarkalong. These activities are part of the main project: Generating Local Conservation of Javan Slow Loris in Unprotected Habitat Areas in Tasikmalaya & Ciamis, West Java Indonesia that has been startedsince the middle of 2006 in East Priangan. As has mentioned in the previous posting, the conservation program in Tasikmalaya-Ciamis focused on five villages (four in Tasikmalaya: Sukamaju-Bantarkalong,Raksajaya-Sodonghilir, & Kawungsari-Salawu, & one in Ciamis: Sukakerta-Panumbangan). Until midst of the program time, two villages; Desa Sukakerta Kecamatan Panumbangan in Ciamis and Desa Kawungsari Kecamatan Salawu in Tasikmalaya were conducted.

Gathering with villagers, Cicantel Kawungsari

According to the agenda, we try to run the whole activities on those five villages before the end of 2008. All hindrances and obstacles have been passed, we learnt so much from those. Starting the presurvey, the preliminary survey, the survey, the field research, the awareness & confiscation activities, all those were full of stories & lesson for us. The last three villages were done marathon, in once departure, so that the program was completed by the end of 2008.

Our activities on javan slow loris conservation were just begun by the end of this program. The next agenda will have to run as our commitment to conduct & maintain the javan slow loris conservation in Priangan West Java as mainlyand in Indonesia as generally. All the crew of TJSL-CP team was much thanked God to have conducted the activities step by step. There were so many things we faced & struggle with. It riched us so much in experiences and lessonsthat we will never forget in life. Because of it, we have only thanks words as our grateful and respect for accepting so much help & ease from God.

Thank God Alhamdulillah, all praise for Allah that Has made this TJSL-CP became true. All events & happenings we have been trought & done in the program, even the sad & the bad one will be our inspiration & wisdom to face the future.

Our great thanks we praise for all who have been involved in TJSL-CP Tasikmalaya-Ciamis, from the very beginning until the end. In these latest three villages, we would like to thanks to:

All staff of the government and personal who gave us permit & allowance to visit & stay in their places;
People of Desa Sarimanggu Kecamatan Karangnunggal
People of Desa Raksajaya Kecamatan Sodonghilir
People of Desa Sukamaju Kecamatan Bantarkalong
For all of our new family that shared their place for us to stay along the program, thank you so much for your kindnest & understanding. We might of course- have disturbed your peacefull day & sleep, we owe you so much. Thank you very much:

The family of Bi Tihat & kang Endang Rio in Cimanggu, Sarimanggu
& also the si bolang gang that so coquettish but energetic...

The family of Pak Iwa & Mang Oleh in Raksajaya
& also the si bolang gang of Burujul that always has enough energy to fulfil their coriousity

The family of Pak Ruha & Pak Punduh Leuwinanggung in Sukamaju,
& always with the si bolang gang from Pesantren Leuwinanggung, Youre so brave kids!

Thank you very much for all the friendship & kindnest, help & all the understanding along the program.

Finally the best thank you is for all the crew of TJSL-CP who hasbeen working hard, did the activity by heart, for this program. For the conservation of javan slow loris in this East Priangan mainly, &for the nature conservation in Indonesia generally, your part are so priceless in starting the impossible to become done & succes. With you this intension was only just ink fading on paper. Thank you so much for them who have been together in the field;

A Dede Sardi
Yosep '
Oseng Adit' Mustaqiem
Rahmat '
Mamat' aditya
Nandang '
Kede Gendul' Kusnaedi
Nasrul '
Auh' Syahidin
Pipin Supini
Anggit Manganti
Aah '
Ades' Desi
Wawan '
wansGecko' Tarniwan
Indah '
winar' Winarti
& Nina '
tamu' mardiana

And also other crew of TJSL-CP & friends thank you for your support & pray;
Ujang '
Ustad' Dedi
Dewi Hidayati
Saep 'Odoy'
Dwi Novianti 'vina' O.S
AsepMaman Sukirman

Hopefully, this work could become some pioneer dot on the line of the javan slow loris conservation. Keep your spirit, buddy...our path are long, not just end up on this tiny activities.
Our great thanks also for our parents, for all the bless & pray, and all who have been very occupied by the team;

The family of
Pak Ade 'abel' Sopian, Sumedang, the true master the real professor of javan slow loris, you are our guru in hunting the kukang
The family of
Erom Romli & Gecko Dezign Studio, Margasari Rajapolah
The family of
Bu Uar, Margasari Rajapolah
The family of
Abah & Umi di Bajarharjo, Brebes, Jawa Tengah
The RSG Foundation & International Animal Rescue Indonesia (IAR-Indonesia) for the funding support & the colaboration
And all that we could mentioned in this short space.

Lets keep our javan slow loris live in their nature! Salam Lestari.... Salam Kukang Jawa!!!

See on the next session of javan slow loris conservation activity